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If you desire a flatter tummy, with an hour glass contour then an abdominoplasty is the procedure for you. Any stretch marks in the lower abdomen are removed and Caesarian scars are included in the removal. The overall outline is improved by fat removal. Separation of the muscles underneath can be repaired at the same time.

Tummy tuck patients are often the happiest because they no longer see or feel, skin and fat rolls over their clothing.


While exercise can increase muscle tone and reduce weight, it won’t reduce the lax skin or the separated muscles that are a result of weight loss or pregnancy. Once there is a gap the pressure from the inside pushes the abdomen out giving a bloated appearance. In the upper abdomen fat rolls appear as a muffin top, and the belly button is wide and flattened. Excess skin in the lower abdomen hangs over clothing and there can be laxity in the mons and upper pubic area. The abdomen looses its pleasing contours and hour glass definition.

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Mr Athanassopoulos offers a bespoke abdominoplasty depending on the extent of the problems to keep scarring to a minimum and to make recovery as fast as possible. We offer several types of abdominoplasty that usually include liposuction.

Mini Abdominoplasty: A less extensive tummy tuck technique that can address up to moderate limited sagging skin, excess fat, and loose stomach muscles.

Full Abdominoplasty: The classic style of tummy tuck surgery, which addresses significant sagging skin, fat, and loose stomach muscles through a larger incision.

Extended Abdominoplasty: For patients with loose skin that extends to the sides of the body, an extended abdominoplasty can address a larger amount of excess skin and fat—and can even help improve the appearance of the upper thighs. The incision extends further around the sides, up the middle of the abdomen (Fleur de lys) and can incorporate part of an upper body lift (Corset abdominoplasty)


Most frequent questions and answers
Tummy tuck surgery is designed to improve the appearance of a prominent lower abdomen caused by excess skin and lax muscles. Due to its ability to create excellent results that are immediately noticeable it is one of the most rewarding procedures to offer at our practice.
The size of the scar will vary widely depending on the type of tummy tuck performed. The classic tummy tuck scar extends from hip to hip, and while this scar may be large, it can be hidden by most swimsuit bottoms. Less extensive tummy tuck scars are much smaller and easier to conceal. However, most patients feel that even a large scar is preferable to large amounts of sagging skin and excess fat.
You will be mobilising almost immediately after surgery. There is some discomfort following surgery and everything will feel tight for the first 2 days. After 1 to 2 weeks movements will become more comfortable and normal activity will resume. Generally 2 to 3 weeks off work are required. Exercise can start gently at 6 weeks.
Any stretch marks in the lower part of the tummy, below the belly button will be removed. Stretch marks above the belly button will be improved but still there.
It depends on the extent of the tummy tuck and the amount of skin removed. Often we do not use drains. When drains are used they are in for a maximum of 48 hours.