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Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery improves the aesthetics of the breast by correcting the droop, raising the breasts on the chest wall and resizing the nipple areola complex. The lift can be combined with an implant to enhance shape and how particular bras and bikinis fit.


With age, pregnancy, breast feeding and weight fluctuations, the breasts will eventually sag and droop. A breast lift can help restore the shape and position of the sagging breast. A breast lift offers more youthful breast contours and boost confidence and self – esteem. Mr Athanassopoulos combines a breast lift with breast augmentation for patients who have small drooping breasts to help lift the nipples and provide fullness in the upper part of the breast.

Woman with big breasts


During the consultation Mr Athanassopoulos will assess the best approach to improving the appearance of your breast.

Regardless of the approach Mr Athanassopoulos will perform the surgery in such a way that scarring is hidden by a bathing suit.

During the surgery which is usually performed under general anaesthetic the loose skin will be removed and the internal breast tissue modified. The nipple areola complex is resized and repositioned higher on the chest.


Most frequent questions and answers

A breast lift results in a more attractive breast contour by reducing the skin envelope, reshaping the underlying breast and repositioning the nipple.

The incision vary depending on the amount of skin that needs to be removed. It can be a donut shape around the nipple, a lollipop shape or an inverted T shape. The scar will be as small as it can be to give you the desired lift.
The scars are usually red and raised to begin with but tend to settle over a period of months to a flat white colour.
You will need 1-2 weeks off work to recover. You can return to exercise after about 6 weeks.
There is discomfort following the procedure which is managed with simple pain killers.