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Ear pinning / Ear lobe surgery

Ears that are deformed, injured, protrude too much or have a funny shape can be a great cause of psychological distress. Corrective surgery allows patients to wear their hair whatever length they like without the need to cover their ears.


There are two problems that mainly cause prominent ears. Firstly the (conchal) bowl of the ear may be too deep projecting the ear outwards.

Secondly the folds of the ear are not well formed and so the ear loses the fold to the head. Ear lobes that are too large, are torn or that have have been stretched can all be corrected.

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Mr Athanassopoulos has a lot of experience performing ear pinning for children and also in the reconstruction of ears following injury and resection.

The incision is performed behind the ear which allows access to the cartilage to allow removal of unwanted cartilage and stitches to help mould the ear to shape.


Most frequent questions and answers

During your ear surgery consultation, your medical history will be taken, your goals discussed and your ears examined. The surgical approach will be discussed as well as the anaesthesia, results and risks.

There will be some mild discomfort after ear surgery. Your ears may ache or throb for a few days, but over the counter medication can be taken to minimise any discomfort.

General anesthesia is the preferred anesthesia for children, but adults can be very comfortable with local anesthesia.

A torn ear lobe is caused by the gradual weight of the earrings or by a sudden pull with dividing the earlobe in two. It is a simple procedure performed under local anaesthetic bringing the 2 pieces together. The recovery is very fast.