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Breast Enlargement

As one of the most popular procedures performed we can offer you many options when it comes to breast enhancement surgery. Through the placement of silicone implants and/or fat transfer we can enhance the shape and increase the size of your breast as well as correct asymmetry to achieve a more feminine shape.


There are many reasons women undergo breast augmentation, whether its small breasts, asymmetric breasts, breasts that have lost size and shape due to breast feeding or weight loss. We appreciate that your decision is based on your own needs and expectations and we do our utmost to deliver a result that helps you feel confident with your own body.

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Choosing the right size and shape of implant will be decided at consultation. This is based on a set of measurements of your chest as well as the look you want to achieve.

To help deliver your vision we use a breast implant trialing system as well as Crisalix 3D simulation software that allows you to see a virtual image of the implants you have chosen.

We use the latest generation of implants by Motiva that have an excellent safety record with regards to rupture, capsule formation and ALCL as well as a lifetime warranty.


Most frequent questions and answers
Mr Athanassopoulos uses the area old and under the breast incision. The under the breast incision is by far the most superior in terms of results and the scar measures less than 4 centimetres fades very well.
Fat transfer can be used with an implant to help smooth the edges or fat transfer can be used as an alternative to a silicone implant. As an alternative to an implant several rounds of fat transfer are required but the result is a totally naturally organic breast enlargement.

The procedure takes between 1 to 2 hours.

Breast enlargement is a day case procedure and you are able to go home the same day as surgery.

The presence of a breast implant does not affect breast feeding although not all women can produce sufficient milk to breast feed.

Patients who have ample tissue and can cover the implant do very well with a subglandular implant. For patients who do not have enough soft tissue to cover the implant a dual plane placement under the muscle can reduce the chance of noticeable rippling.

Implants alone may not adequately lift the breast of correct sagging. This is referred to as an augmentation mastopexy and allow the breast to be tailored to the implant so that you get additional volume and perkiness to the breast. To perform a lift at the same time as an augmentation additional scars are required. If there is only a little extra skin only a small incision around the nipple- areola complex is required.

In cases where more reshaping is required a lollipop incision or T shaped incision may be required. All of this is covered in the consultation and regardless of which technique is chosen we will do everything to keep the scarring to a minimum.