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Inner Thigh Lift

An inner thigh lift removes the extra skin and fat at the very top of the inner thigh improving the contour of the inner thigh. If there is extra skin all the way around the thigh to the knee the procedure can be extended to remove this extra skin also.


With massive weight loss and ageing the excess skin causes an overly wrinkled, drooping appearance of the inner thigh. This can lead to chafing and discomfort in the medial thigh area as well as problems with clothing. Within the thigh there are areas where the skin has high adherence to the underlying tissue and areas of low adherence such as the inner thigh.

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Mr Athanassopoulos performs massive weight loss surgery routinely within the Alpha Hospital Group and uses liposuction to complement the procedure. There are a variety of inner thigh lifts tailored to the individual which will be addressed during the consultation.

Smaller thigh lifts can be performed under local anaesthetic while larger procedures require a general anaesthetic.

Postoperatively you will be required to wear a garment and will need to be off work for approximately 2 weeks.


Most frequent questions and answers
A thigh lift addresses only loose, sagging skin of the thighs, while a lower body lift is a more comprehensive procedure that combines the and outer thigh lift procedure with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) and a buttock lift. This surgery is appropriate for people who have experienced dramatic weight loss, and have extensive loose, sagging skin in these areas
For many people, loose, sagging skin is not limited to just the thigh area. A thigh lift is often combined with other body contouring procedures to address loose skin in other areas, such as the stomach, buttocks, and arms. Combination procedures are very common and can be performed as long as your plastic surgeon thinks it is safe to do so. Surgeons limit the amount of surgery that can be performed at once to make sure patients aren’t kept under anesthesia too long, and to minimize the chances of complications during surgery and recovery.

Incisions are made in discrete areas when possible, and a more limited thigh lift may only require a shorter incision beginning at the groin, and extending only part way down the thigh so that it can be covered underneath shorts or a skirt. However, more extended procedures often involve a longer incision, and thus, longer thigh lift scars.

If you are mainly concerned with unwanted fat in the thigh area, then a procedure such as thigh liposuction, are a better choice than a thigh lift, as they are designed to address excess fat and are gentler treatments than a thigh lift. You should only consider a thigh lift instead if you have significant sagging skin and poor contour of the thighs