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Tuberous breasts

The good news is that combining breast augmentation and uplift and fat transfer can help improve the appearance of tubular breasts.


The cause of tubular breasts is not known but they are thought to be due to a failure of breast development. The most common features are enlarged puffy aroelas with a wide separation between the breasts. The breast appears constricted and narrow at the base,
Tuberous breasts are a result of a congenital difference of one or both breasts. The results are breasts that have different shapes with large puffy areolas and failure of development in the lower part of the breast. The breast may appear tubular in shape. They are a source of anxiety and distress and can be greatly improved.

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There are different severities of tuberous breasts. Sometimes one procedure suffices but in more severe cases two or more procedures are required.


Most frequent questions and answers

This is a condition which you are born with in which the breasts fail to develop fully. The breast volume may be normal or deficient but it is situated directly under the nipple. The breast looks long narrow and droopy.

The scars will fade with time but never completely disappear.

Most patients with tuberous breast are not able to breast feed due to the lack of growth of that part of the breast. Surgery itself doesn’t appear to worsen that ability to breast feed.