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Brow Lift

A brow lift can dramatically improve the appearance of the eyebrows and upper eyelids providing a more refreshed youthful and relaxed look. The brow lift raises the eyebrows to their ideal position arching youthfully above the bone and also improved the extra skin that hangs down in the crows feet.


The brows and forehead which contribute significantly to an individual’s expressions are often the first areas of the face to show signs of ageing. This leads to a descent of the eyebrows.

As the eyebrows drop the forehead compensates by raising the eyebrows. This generates horizontal wrinkles across the forehead. With the eyebrows in the ideal position the forehead doesn’t have to work as hard and therefore these wrinkles improve.

Vertical wrinkles appear between the eyebrows as frown lines and can make people appear angry or upset when they are not. These muscles can be weakened at the same time as surgery to improve the frown.

Mr Athanassopoulos understands that a brow must not be over elevated and the tail should always sit above the centre. Too much elevation can create a surprised unnatural look.

Pretty lady with beautiful eyebrows


Brow lifts are an area of interest of Mr Athanassopoulos for the last decade and he has experience of all major brow lifting methods.

These include endoscopic brow lift, temporal brow lifts, subcutaneous brow lift and direct brow lift.

During the consultation the many facets of surgery will be discussed.


Most frequent questions and answers
There really is no age requirement. A brow lift is can be performed on someone as young as their late 20s and at any age after that. For younger patients, there are non surgical techniques such as Botox that are less invasive.
First, Mr Athanassopoulos will examine you and discuss your medical history. He will then go over brow lift types and the options that can best help you attain your goals. Often brow lift is combined with upper eyelid surgery.
An endoscopic brow lift is performed using an tiny camera, that is inserted under the skin in the hair line and allows the procedure to be performed with no visible scarring.
An endoscopic browlift has between three and five ½” long incisions just behind the hairline.
Botox placed on the upper eyelid and at the tail of the brow causes a pleasing eyebrow lift. When inexperienced practitioners use botox the eyebrow can come down further and cause even more heaviness.
A brow lift elevates the brows but doesn’t touch eyelid skin. An upper eyelift reduces the amount of skin between brown and lash but it doesn’t change the brow position or shape.
A swollen, tender and bruised forehead is normal following your surgery and should subside in about 10 days. In addition to pressure bandages, there may be thin drains in place to remove excess blood and fluid.
The reason people develop the deep horizontal forehead lines is that they are trying to raise their eye brows. Once their eyebrows are elevated, there is less of a need to lift the eyebrows. A browlift does not get rid of those lines, but it reduces them.
No garments or dressings have to be worn after a browlift.