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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is an excellent option for individuals seeking to resolve the issues associated with large breasts. Surgery will make your breasts more proportionate to your frame and improve their shape and symmetry.


Large breasts can cause problems for women including chronic back and neck pain from the weight of the breasts, discomfort whilst exercises, difficulty and finding clothing that fits well and self consciousness with their appearance.

Breast reduction surgery can provide relief by reducing the size of the breasts and reshaping them for a more proportionate physical contour.

Woman having breast reduction


During the consultation we will discuss the procedure and the various incision options. When the volume of tissue that needs to be removed is small then a lollipop incision is used. When the amount of tissue is greater then an inverted T shaped incision is used. The procedure is performed under general anaesthetic on an outpatient basis and patients are generally able to return home later the same day.


Most frequent questions and answers

Healthy women with large breasts, that are causing them to experience negative symptoms.

There is no minimum age per se but it is better to wait until breast development is complete and the breast size stable for a couple of years.

Our patients generally report that the procedure is less painful than they anticipated. Local anaesthetic is injected at the time of surgery.

There is always a scar around the areola and then a vertical scar up and down under the areola.  There is sometimes a scar across the base.

The recovery takes a couple of weeks with full activity and exercise at 6 weeks.

A  Surgical Compression Bra which is supplied by us.