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Primary rhinoplasty is arguably the most delicate, precise plastic surgery procedure available. It deals in small changes that can dramatically alter a patient’s appearance. Improving the appearance of the nose doesn’t only improve the nose, it improves the whole face. It is important for the nose to be in balance with the rest of the face and to have smooth contours.


The goal of rhinoplasty is to reshape the nose and ensure it is in balance with the face. The nose consists of an upper bony part and a middle and lower cartilage part. It is also supported by the septum in the midline.

The form of these structures all play a role together to form the final structure of the nose. By refining each of these components a more attractive nose can be sculpted whilst maintaining its function.

Model with nice cosmetic nose


The procedure is performed under general anaesthesia. From a technical view point the features that can be addressed include the hump, a nose that is too wide or narrow, bulbous nose, hanging tip, long nose, asymmetrical nose, droopy nose, crooked nose, under projected nose.

Mr Athanassopoulos undertook specific training in cosmetic rhinoplasty during his training and performs nasal procedures routinely.


Most frequent questions and answers

A patient is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty if there is a feature in their nose that they wish to have changed.

A Rhinoplasty is done under general anesthesia.. A Rhinoplasty involves making changes to framework of the nose allowing the skin to drape over it to give a new shape.

Inevitably there is some bruising but with the gentle technique Mr Athanassopoulos uses this is minimised and generally lasts a week to 10 days.

After surgery, a splint supports the new shape for 5-7 days. When the splint is removed, the nose remains slightly swollen for 4-6 weeks, though this is not really visible after two weeks. Discolouration around the eyes may be present for 5-10 days, but is usually concealable after the seventh day with light makeup. Most patients plan one week off work, and three weeks of limited activity. A unique thing about nose surgery is that there is a small amount of swelling that persists for months. Therefore, the final result is apparent only after 9-12months.

Usually it is an overnight stay for your own comfort but if you wish to go home you may.

Packs are inserted into the nose at the end of surgery and are left in place overnight. They are removed the morning after before discharge home.