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Scar Revisions

Many people suffer from unsightly scars. These may be due to trauma, previous skin cancer or bad results of previous facial surgery. Mr Athanassopoulos uses the latest techniques to help disguise unsightly scars.


When a wound heals a scar forms. It is usual for a scar to be red and raised for approximately 6 weeks to 3 months after surgery. Subsequently the scar flattens and slowly becomes more pale with time. The scar finally matures at the 16 month mark. When wounds do not head well the scars can be stretched, raised and lumpy. Straight line scars tend to shrink and pucker
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Treatment usually begins with excision of the scar under local anaesthetic and the area is then closed using specialised plastic surgery techniques which camouflage the scar and allow it to lie in a more favourable direction. Sometimes a resurfacing technique such as dermabrasion is carried out to enhance the result

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